Tag-Driven Website

We are looking for a more interactive, photo and multi-media driven website. Do you have ideas?

We can create a tag-based website that features your services with targeted messaging, videos, photos, and marketing materials with options for the visitor to see images at a larger scale.

This sounds great. We also need a way to make sure our site visitors see all of the services we offer.

We can create a custom nebula that allows you to tag each of our services pages with related services to encourage your site visitors to dig deeper.


Four custom slides on the home page are advanced by the user and animated to bring in each custom block of content, featuring the services GS Engineering chose to highlight.

Tagging Structure

Lauren carried the block theme from the home page to content pages, where visitors can see photos, marketing materials, content, and people tagged with each service area. 

Talk to the Expert

The client wanted a way to encourage site visitors to fill out their contact form, so Chris used tags to update the contact block to reflect an expert represented on each services page.

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