Swift, Yet Solid

We have a great product, but we need help marketing it.

We're excited to get started! Should we start with a name?

Yes, then we'll need a logo, business cards, letterhead, envelopes, PowerPoint template... are we overwhelming you yet?

Not at all! Is there anything else you need help with?

Just a *few* more things! 
We also need messaging... and a spec sheet, brochure, email blaster template, tradeshow booth, photos, video, and a website

Is that all? We're on it!


business card design

BRANDED Business Card

With a name in place, Lauren set to work creating a branded design that would work across marketing media, beginning with the smallest leave-behind: the business card.

PowerPoint template design

Brand Package

From the letterhead and envelopes to the powerpoint template, all of the SwiftWall branded materials meld together to introduce the strongest brand through clean design and consistency. 

email blaster design

Email Blaster

Lauren also created an email blaster template in MailChimp and Ashley assisted with email list importing to ensure customers are always seeing a cohesive brand message and style.  

brochure graphic designer


After giving the name and brand a fresh look, Lauren designed a brochure featuring large photos as the focal point to highlight specific SwiftWall features and custom options.

The brochure creates a page structure highlighting each of the four main selling points of the system: faster, cleaner, quieter, and greener temporary barriers. These selling points are also highlighted on a double-sided product flyer Lauren created as an additional leave-behind piece. 

Download Brochure

folder graphic design

Pocket Folder

The brochure, flyer, and business cards can all be stored in the SwiftWall branded pocket folder. The front of the pocket folder highlights a large SwiftWall installation with their primary message: Faster, Cleaner, Quieter Temporary Barriers, while the back features a half-wall with the contact information. The brand colors and styling are carried throughout the folder to maintain brand consistency. 

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tradeshow graphic design

Tradeshow Booth

Using photos provided by SwiftWall, Lauren transformed their display from a simple wall installation sample into a dual-purpose marketing and installation display.

The SwiftWall booth can be reconfigured to leave off segments of the display, while continuing the brand messaging and design style across all panels, with additional space to highlight SwiftWall installation figures on a wall-mounted monitor visible on the tallest left panel.  

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Sales Photography & Video

Sometimes it’s better to hear it and show it rather than read it. Matt traveled to the client’s warehouse to photo and film an installation of 32 linear feet of wall with a double door. (Fun fact: it was installed in 43 minutes, and removed in just 11 minutes!)

The video features completed installation photos provided by the client, with close-ups of the product features captured by Matt during the photography session. To bring all the pieces together, Matt and Ashley developed the script and selected the driving music behind the video.

Abby served as the voice artist behind the video, while Matt brought all the pieces together—from the logo animation on the front-end to the carefully selected clips used throughout.


Chris built the SwiftWall Drupal website to be responsive—the pages flex to fit each viewer’s screen, and the menu automatically recognizes if the website is being viewed on a mobile device or desktop. The design, text, and images all remain consistent despite changing screen sizes.


The messaging platform created by Monte (faster, cleaner, and quieter temporary barriers) continues across the website and is accented by single word headlines and descriptive subheads to further characterize the benefits of the system.


As the user switches from desktop to mobile view, the menu moves to the upper right corner in a “hamburger” format. The menu adjusts as screen size changes ensuring customers can always see and click on any of the pages they are seeking in the site structure.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Ashley and Matt used the client’s existing marketing materials to develop text for five search engine optimized pages. Starting with research on the best phrases to target for their specific industry, Ashley ran a search popularity check to define the optimal phrases to target based on number of monthly searches and competition.

From there, Matt and Ashley drafted text to align with each of the phrases for temporary walls, partition walls, room dividers, construction barriers, and movable walls. Once the text was approved, Monte selected photos and created the pages for launch. 

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Social Media Branding

A presence on social media is a must! Lauren created social media header photos that utilize the website messaging and brand styling for a consistent look and feel as customers visit SwiftWall’s Facebook or LinkedIn profiles. The logo was also added to the profile picture in square format so all brand elements are easily visible.

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