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Sodius provides a vast array of integration services for companies looking to get, move, sync, and link their data from one software tool to another. The processes are complex, but after meeting with the client several times, Lauren found a way to visually illustrate the flow of information from one system to another; again integrating the Sodius brand colors and styling to maintain consistency. 

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Sodius is made up of a team of ingenious integration software exports, who have expertise in understanding data, transforming data, and moving data from one engineering software system tool to another without losing important information and while maintaining collaboration between engineering teams. Matt created a video that plays on landing that highlights their integration story – from automotive to aerospace and military, and everything in between. 

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While Sodius came to us with an established brand, they did not have brand recognition for their software products. We encouraged them to let us explore the possibilities for each product. Lauren created individual logos for each software product, while utilizing the established Sodius brand colors and fonts, giving each design a unique mark with a similar structure for the product name. 

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Headquartered in Colorado, Sodius also has teams of software developers and consultants spread throughout Europe. Ashley coordinated meeting times to coincide with the various time zones of all participating members from both the Sodius and Monte teams. GoToMeeting screenshare and video technology was utilized to make the most of each meeting.

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The main Services landing page helps potential customers understand the depth and breadth of the integration services provided by Sodius. The Services page highlights the steps Sodius takes to understand the problem and develop the best solution. To encourage further engagement, Lauren designed spaces for featured projects and tools, and wrote content about related services.

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Easy to navigate and easy to update was the goal for Sodius. Built on the WordPress platform, the client can easily log-in to WordPress and publish blog postings, add in new products, and highlight additional services. The color blocks set-up in the WordPress site theme, enhanced by Chris, ensure site updates are a breeze! 

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