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project management planning

Planning & PM

Scheduling meetings. Tracking budgets and timelines. Making sure requirements are defined. These are all necessary operations, but they aren’t necessarily easy. When you work with Monte, we strive to make the process as smooth as possible with email reminders, flexible scheduling, and (many, many) checklists. It’s kind of like having your own personal assistant, but better because we’re not as pushy (as long as you do as we ask (<insert winky face>).

messaging writing headlines


After years of experimentation, we’ve honed our writing recipe for success. While we can’t reveal the secret ingredients, we can give you a taste of the process: Before we can begin, we look at where you’ve been. Then we mix and match, testing every batch. We say more with less, with just the right amount of zest. We design it to excite, and get them begging for a bite. The result is great flavor, that your audience is sure to savor.

 Our Writing Flavor


While our design lead hails from a farm, we are not talking the kind of branding that involves hot metal (ouch). Each logo is designed from scratch, and based on the core strengths of each client. While we strive for simplicity and balance, the consideration and thought poured into each logo is black and white.

 Tuning Your Brand

Graphic & Information Design

For over ten years we’ve designed logos; business cards; brochures; annual reports; flyers; ads; posters; tradeshow booths; signage; vehicle wraps; window decals; PowerPoint templates; email blasters; apps; responsive, dynamic, photo-, grid-, and map-based websites; blogs; collaboration tools; CRMs; point of purchase displays... you get the idea. We’d provide an exhaustive list if we weren’t, well, exhausted.

 Full Graphic Design Services


You have four seconds to capture the attention of a web visitor. Talk about daunting. That’s where we come in—grabbing and keeping your viewer’s attention with great design, captivating content, and clear actions. We help you to evaluate which features are crucial, and which you can kick to the curb.  Text and images are quick and easy to update, and you can create new pages in just seconds. And if you need a custom web solution, we can do that too.

 Fresh Design & Functionality

Responsive CMS Websites

All of our websites are responsive, so they automatically adjust and flex to fit laptops, tablets, and phones. Text and images are quick and easy to update, and you can create new pages in just seconds. We primarily build on two of the industry's leading content management system platforms, so you pick: 

 Drupal OR WordPress


E-commerce Websites

Looking for an e-commerce shopping solution for your website? Look no further, the Monte team design a beautifully functioning store on Shopify, integrating with your shipping provider and payment gateway for seamless processing.

 Shopify E-commerce

CMS training

You have a website, but it is next-to-impossible to edit. You are frustrated, and rightly so. Our websites are easy to edit, and we include training time to ensure you are ready to run with it. 

 Website CMS Training Services


Web techology is ever changing and virtually unlimited. We help you to decide which features are crucial, which you can live without, and which fit in your budget. Contact us to discuss your needs (free!). Don't see what you need, our developers have build on a range of platforms, from Drupal to WordPress, Shopify to Larvel. And we aren't afraid to build a website application from scratch.

 Web Application Development

Video & Photography

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video’s value is immeasurable. Monte has over 15 years of experience in capturing photo and video that will strengthen your message and increase your market reach.

Not sure which will suit you best? You can have both, thanks to our ability to seamlessly transition from photo to video using our top-of-the-line, industry standard lighting, audio, and camera equipment. From storyboards and script writing to voiceovers and editing, we handle every aspect of the video production process. More than 40 billion videos are streamed in the US each month – don’t get left in the cold. Ask Monte to heat up your marketing with some steaming photo and video.

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