Mobile Rock Crusher Branding


New Dimension Crushers had their name, but needed a powerful logo to match their product’s unmatched crushing power. Monte created a logo that is easy to read and aligns well with the golden color of the two crusher models. The complementary blue was chosen to reflect their trustworthiness and reliability. Like the crushers, the logo is versatile and can be used with and without the crushed rocks, depending on the shape and size of the media.

on-site photography by Monte


As a new product, New Dimension Crushers needed a way show the effectiveness of their product in their marketing and sales materials. Monte traveled to the client’s location to capture the crusher through photos and videos—from the quick-connect hydraulic set-up to the on-site mobile rock crushing. The resulting photo and video footage shows the crusher on various skid steers to show its versatility and unmatched crushing power. 


What you say is just as important as how you display it. Based on the photography and videography collected, Monte set to work defining the story and the clear selling features. The headlines “Crushing where you need it” and “Stop Hauling, Start Crushing” for the marketing materials were developed during brainstorming messaging sessions. Once the headlines were developed, Monte set to work writing the text used throughout the marketing materials and the website, including pages optimized for search engines. 

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print material design


The client requested branding materials that could be mailed and handed out to interested parties at tradeshows and demonstrations. Using the photography and messaging established in previous tasks, the Monte designer set to work creating a four panel brochure highlighting the primary selling features with a QR code on the back leading viewers to the video further explaining the mobile rock crushing set-up. 

videography by Monte


Monte used multiple cameras to capture the crusher on the skid steer, as well as a close-up of the rocks coming out of the crusher. The video also offers a birds-eye view of the crushing action using a GoPro camera. Next, Monte wrote and recorded a script describing the crusher's key selling points before piecing it together with the live footage. Finally, they designed graphics that matched the website and print materials, and incorporated them throughout the video.


The branding elements—from the logo to the design, messaging, photography, and videoall combine to create a memorable brand experience on the New Dimension Crusher website. A button leading to the video is featured in the home page slideshow, as well as photos of the crushers in action. Scrolling down reveals additional content: the history of the crusher, testimonials, and a contact form. 

Create Awareness

The products page gives the audience an opportunity to learn about the DEMO-CAT 2412 for demolition and the RIP RAP 3630 for construction and mining, each leading to more detailed information on their specific applications and availability. Throughout the site, visitors are linked to the video to continually see the brand message and see the crusher in action. 

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