Medical Branding & Website

We need a website that explains our invisible technology.

Sounds like an illustrative design approach might work best. Let's talk through your ideas.

Our branding isn't the strongest. Can we look at that too?

Yes. We will look at a balance between what you do and how you do it. We'll work on a set of concepts and be in touch soon!

custom logo branding design

Logo Design

"We need a logo that shows blood and works with our name, Blaze." Lauren lives for challenges, and this logo certainly was one. On the plus side, this brand had a huge advantage from the start, a five-letter name that was easy to spell and pronounce. To keep the brand as simple as possible, we focused on minimalist designs and the client gravitated to this type-driven design with a drop of blood that could also be interpreted as fire. Nailed it!

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Custom Illustrations

"We need people to understand what we do... but what we do can't be seen by the naked eye. Help!" Right off the bat, Matt suggested the creation of illustrations as a way to show how they test blood and why it matters. After many, many design iterations and discussions,  a set of illustrations were created for the website home page slideshow. This slideshow boils down the "what" and "why" in simple, easy to consume chunks of information.

responsive website design

Setting the Tone

Color has a huge influence on perception. It can make you feel happy, anxious, or sad. The Blaze logo uses a very strong color palette of black and red. However, we wanted the website to appeal to those in the medical/laboratory fields... and the black/red combo was not going to cut it. A secondary color was needed, and blue fit the bill. It balances the intense red and creates the connection to the medical industry that the client requested.

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