Map-Based Website

Custom Map Technology

M Group wanted a way for investors to see the current investment properties, and the map-based approach was born. The challenge: M Group has a wide range of properties, sometimes only one in a city and other times up to 10 (or more) in locations like Detroit. Luckily Chris developed a way for investors to easily see single locations (through the colored numbers) and locations with multiple properties (signified by the gray clusters). 

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You've Got Options

Viewers (primarily investors) can scroll through the full list of properties in the left column, as well as navigate using the map. The goal: to help investors view properties in a format that works best for them. The flexibility of the Drupal platform allowed our developers to customize this unique website to the client's specifications.

Quick Filter

Easily filter your map results using the icons that represent the various property types (color-coded for your ease-of-use, of course!)

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Property Details

Individual properties showcase the property photos, along with a description and details about the investment. M Group maintains the site on the go, so as investment properties are purchased, they are added to the website with the details. Keeping investors up to date is key for their success. 

Traffic Flow

Two custom buttons on the home page call attention to the main attractions on the Drupal website.

Size up

While M Group may be small in terms of employees, Lauren designed their website to reflect their BIG investments.

History of Success

Lauren designed a custom branded timeline displaying M Group's investments in both dollars and square footage.

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