Extrusion Equipment Branding

We engineer solutions, but you’re the experts in web solutions. We need help!

We can design a custom website that features the hundreds (ok, thousands) of photos taken by Matt over the years.

We want to highlight our upcoming events as well as our global locations.

We’ll examine the web structure and create a design mockup for your review.

Thank you for moving so quickly!

The Design

The 'Products' and 'Services' sections of the website both feature a unique photo menu approach. Lauren selected the best photos to represent each button's topic, before editing and cropping them to fit the spaces. Descriptive text appears below each image to provide further guidance for web visitors.

The Photos

Over the course of our 10+ year relationship with CPM, Matt has went on-site to take photos of everything from line feeders to barrels and control systems to full-scale extruder systems. While CPM’s technology has advanced, our commitment to capturing high-quality photos that represent the brand remains the same. 

The Content

The experts in extrusion processing at CPM travel to seminars and host monthly webinars, as well as maintain a presence at tradeshows, all of which are featured on the home page of the website with photos and headlines describing the primary areas of CPM services. 

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