Buying the Bling

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We need a way to easily communicate to our English and Spanish speaking customers using one website?

We can build your website on the Drupal 8 content management system, so you can update your content in English and Spanish on one page.

People visit our website to find jewelry and dental financing opportunities through merchants near them. Can you help us find a way to share that information with consumers?

We can use a database to look-up latitude and longitude by address for distance calculations, so consumers can see jewelry or dental financing in a 10, 25 or 50 mile radius.

When can you start?

Capture the Message

From finding the money to get your special someone to say yes, to financing a smile, Brilliance Credit was looking for a way to help their audience visualize their financial opportunities through clean and simple navigation and eye-catching photos. Say cheese!

Find a Match

We understand that it is difficult to find financial assistance for local jewelry stores and dental offices, but we don’t think that should turn you away from shopping local. We make it easy for potential Brilliance customers to find a location near them.

Make a Suggestion

Brilliance Credit knows that not all jewelry stores and dental offices are seeking opportunities to provide their customers with funding options, but they didn’t want that to discourage potential consumers from reaching out, so they added a way for consumers to suggest merchants and Brilliance handles the rest. 

responsive website design
website design
drupal website design
point of purchase POP design

POP Materials

The Brilliance brand is further supported through the point-of-purchase display materials designed by the Monte team, including ceiling danglers, pull-up banners, countertop graphics, window clings, card holders, etc. 

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