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We need a webstore to sell our graphics products. One that can be configured based on our frame types and photo sizes.

We can help design a store that will allow for search across brand types. 

Perfect! Can you integrate with SalesForce? 

Yes! We can help integrate the site with SalesForce to link sales to leads and opportunities for easier tracking in your current sytem.

Wait... there's more...
We also need messaging... and a brochure, and a corporate video!

We're built for that! 


monte custom website design development


The iMbranded website looked solid on the surface, but lacked the technology to guide visitors through the buying process. The website was missing space to display the beautiful showroom products displayed in dealerships around the country. Site visitors didn't have the opportunity to browse and purchase the millwork products, including desks and chairs.

Need a new website? Let's talk!

monte custom website design development


The new website design features large, eye-catching photography and a prominent messaging block that hits each of their key services. Beyond the bold photography, the home page offers space to highlight featured projects with space for photos and text, while highlighting the millwork and graphic products and making the purchase easy—just the click of a button.

See it live

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Custom programmed landing pages were created to allows users to view only their brand associated products. Not only do the custom landing pages feature photos from associated brand dealerships, but they also highlight the brand logo, the vendor program details, and make navigating to the brand's millwork and graphics products a breeze using the simple left-hand menu navigation. 



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Feature-Filled Map

A full gallery of project examples is featured on the website with an opportunity to view photos by brand, or by a nationwide map custom designed and built by Lauren and Chris. The blue featured location icons offer a way of navigating to additional photos with details about a specific, high-level project, while showcasing the work conducted across the country. 

audi automotive brochure design


The messaging platform developed by Matt and Ashley found another home in the form of a Audi branded brochure. The 24-page brochure design is the perfect unity of Audi and iMbranded colors, design elements, and photography. The content, also written by the Monte team, begins by introducing iM as the automotive millwork and graphics experts, and ends with a full catalog product listing of their millwork offerings.

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This video showcases interview and on-site footage Matt captured during a two-day visit to i.M. Branded’s facility, along with slides designed by Lauren and the messaging platform created by our team. Watch the video to experience i.M. Branded for yourself! 

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