Advancing Research

We need an interactive site that shows all of the research locations and capabilities we have through the APS LABS, something visual for corporate relationship building.

With the research facilities on the Michigan Tech campus, at the AERB in Hancock, and up by the airport, we should show everything on a map.

Do you have a way to show what capabilities we have at each location? Can we get photos of these capabilities?

We can show facilities in clusters and when visitors zoom in they can see map icons that are clickable and describe each research area in a given facility with a section for photos we can help capture.

Will this be a responsive site, so we can show potential industry partners on our ipads?

Responsive is our middle name!

Attention to Detail

Monte paid close attention to the design details, from the custom drop-down menus to the image thumbnail "slider" on the content pages. The site is designed to look great on an ipad—one of the client's main requirements.

Map-based Exploration

The integrated tagging system and location-based content gives users a unique perspective of the research conducted at Michigan Tech. Clicking the hotspots zooms in the map while simultaneously revealing related content and photos on the left. 

The topic tags at the top of the map filter the maps results, making it easy to find the research most interesting to you.


During the course of several days, the Monte team photographed the numerous facilities included in APS LABS. The photos collected capture the story of the research experts working alongside students using top-of-the-line equipment and technology.


We think it’s important to have multiple ways to navigate a site. The circle icons on the map are clickable and allow the user to visually see each location, while the filters also present allow them to see specific research areas and the facilities where the research is conducted.


The lab exists to develop efficient and sustainable power systems, while also educating students through industry-sponsored research opportunities. The website serves as a tool to build those partnerships that connect industry experts, leading research, and future employees. 

Printed Collatoral

In addition to the website, Monte designed several supporting print pieces to further aid the client in developing connections and industry partnerships.

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